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The following table lists general spare parts for HFA conveyors. Because we continually improve our products, current spares may not be compatible with older conveyors. Before ordering, call us at (815) 943-1193 or go to the Contact page to send us an email, and have the serial number of your conveyor ready. We will ensure that you receive the correct replacement parts for your system.


Our aluminum extrusions can also be purchased separately (profile drawings in PDF format).


Description Part Number
Conveyor Belt (call with conveyor serial number) Belt
Timing Belt 210L075-NBR
Timing Belt Pulley .750 Bore 20L0755P02
Drive/Idle Pulley Bearing RA012-3/4
Intermediate Pulley Bearing (2230 & 2240 Only) YA012-3/4
Cam Follower Bearing 1.25 RBC1.25
Std. Drive Belt/Chain Cover (Pos. A & C) 10049
Std. Drive Belt/Chain Cover (Pos. B & D) 10123
End Drive Belt/Chain Cover 10111
Belt Cover Standoff 10134
Caster  3" 4493835D304
Caster  4" 4494835-D304
Leveling Pad 8T2SNS
Locking Adjustable Lever (Female Thread) 8NA02K
Locking Adjustable Lever (Male Thread) 8N25A02K
Rail Mounting Wing Nut 6309020
A.C. Variable Speed Drive ACVFD
Motor Capacitor 494-00034
Motor Junction Box 0984
Motor Starter Enclosure 198E-AYTJ2
Motor Starter 140M-C2E-B25
1/4 hp Variable Speed Motor Brush Type 4185
1/6 hp Fixed Speed Motor 0685
1/6 hp Variable Speed Motor AC Inverter Duty 230 Volt 2252
Polycohr UHMW adhesive tape 1", 1.5", 2" x 36 yd. Rolls Polycohr
Drive/Idle Pulley, specify length 10079
Take-up Casting 10046 L/R
 Phone: 815-943-1193